LSE Monitors

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A joint venture of two companies...

Since 2008, Synspec BV and Sensor Sense BV have been working together to develop a revolutionary, robust and versatile technology for measuring ammonia (NH3) or nitrous oxide (N2O) in ambient air.

Sensor Sense, a spin-off company from the Nijmegen University is powerful in developing new commercial concepts for measuring trace gases, based on laboratory solutions. For example: their mobile ethylene detector is based on photoacoustics.

The large scale production of trace gas detectors is well known to Synspec, developing and making gaschromatographs for more then 12 years.

Using the possibilities of LSE Monitors, we would like to provide the world with high quality field measurement devices for monitoring the concentration of gases that are important for our environment.

Please click here for an introduction movie of LSE Monitors.
© LSE Monitors is a joint venture of Sensor Sense B.V. and Synspec B.V.
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