Low ppb ammonia monitor

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For the measurement of ammonia (NH3) in air

Ammonia from farm animals and industrial processes are main contributors to acid rain and plays an important role in the formation of aerosols in the atmosphere. In higher concentrations also the smell becomes a problem. Various actions have been taken to improve the ambient air quality by reducing the high ammonia concentration.

Nowadays regulations are becoming more strict to reduce its hazardous effects. To monitor the effects of these actions there is a need for sensitive instrumentation that allows detection of ammonia in the air continuously, in the field and online.

LSE Monitors has developed a highly sensitive ammonia detector based on laser photoacoustics, able to measure continuously ammonia concentrations below 1 ppbv within several minutes. Laser photoacoustics is not only a very sensitive, but also a very selective optical technique.

The detector is fully automated, robust, virtually maintenance free and equipped with user friendly software allowing stand alone operation and non specialized personnel. These features minimize the costs of ownership.


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